Mrs. Andrews has been working with children since 1980, when she first began teaching swimming lessons while studying at university. In 1988, her career in public education began in the Waterloo Region and has included teaching children from kindergarten to grade 10, in Waterloo, Toronto, Australia, and across Essex County.


Mrs. Andrews was the owner and educator of Kindermusik Creations East for 10 years. She taught an in-home preschool program and was also head teacher in Natural Pathways Learning Centre at its inception.  When Mrs. Andrews' three sons attended Lakeview Montessori School, she offered music and movement classes there as well. She is currently owner and educator with Pat Andrews Educational Consulting, offering education therapy for private clients.


Mrs. Andrews has completed certification in Forest School Canada Practitioner Training and is the current Executive Director and Lead Educator for Natural Pathways Learning Centre.




Growing up in the wilds of Vancouver Island, Jocelyn enjoyed her childhood exploring the forests behind her house, building forts, and just being a curious kid, fortunate enough to be able to explore freely.


Along with her love of being in nature, Jocelyn developed a love of working with children at an early age and knew she wanted to be a teacher as soon as she could. She moved to Windsor in 2003 to complete a BA in History with a minor in Geography from the University of Windsor. 


In 2009, Jocelyn moved to London, England to complete a teaching certificate at Roehampton University. Teaching grades 4-12 in London and the Midlands from 2010-2014, Jocelyn’s love of teaching and working with the more ‘challenging’ students grew greatly. In 2015, Jocelyn became an Ontario Certified Teacher and moved back to Windsor, Ontario with her small family in tow.


After a chance meeting in 2015, Jocelyn started her journey towards working as a Forest School Practitioner, combining her love of nature, love of teaching, and the realisation that children today have limited opportunities to freely explore nature spaces. Jocelyn has been working as an educator with Natural Pathways since Sept 2016, and started her Forest School Practitioner course in June 2017. 

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Sam Gaudette loves exploring and learning about nature and has a passion for teaching children.  Her connection with nature has taught her much about the world and herself, and Sam believes it is crucial for children to have this experience. 


Sam is majoring in English and French at the University of Windsor.  She has her ESL certification and Forest School Practitioner certification.  She is eager to meet new forest friends and go on adventures!

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Kim has a deep connection to nature. She has worked to help support children and adults in many different forms. Studying, learning, and growing has been a great passion that began with a co-op placement at the Children's Achievement Center where a fire was lit to teach and work with children.


Growing up, Kim spent much of her time in the outdoors and has traveled and lived throughout Canada with her five children, husband, and many animal friends. Kim has studied holistic health care, mindfulness, and meditation on her own and with monks, pursuing numerous courses on teaching and training.


Having a passion for children and nature, Kim worked at a Waldorf school teaching Grades 1/2, Kindergarten, and Forest School days. Kim has completed many training courses, including Supporting Traumatized Youth and Child Observation through Lifeways North America, Nature Education through Cornell University, and will complete her Forest School Canada Practitioners course in the summer of 2020. 




Serena has been lucky to spend a lot of time outdoors exploring this amazing planet! While growing up along Lake Erie and surrounded by forests, she developed a deep respect for nature. As a child, many discoveries came from exploring, testing, and taking risks with her friends. Serena never knew how important her experiences were and that sharing these lessons could help others become more familiar with the benefits of being outdoors. 


Along with a niche for nature, Serena has over 10 years of experience teaching and is also a busy mother of four. Starting the journey as a Forest and Nature Practitioner while being a part of Natural Pathways Learning Centre has been one of the best opportunities to enhance her passions, creativity and growth as an educator.   Working with families, students, and the community to create meaningful connections with nature is a path Serena is enjoying immensely. Yoga, art and music are also passions and she loves implementing them while creating meaningful programs for everyone to enjoy!

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Andrew’s love for nature is rooted in early childhood experiences such as catching snakes and frogs in local ditches, exploring Yawkey Bush, damming creeks on the beach near Sauble Beach, and exploring caves and waterfalls on the Bruce Peninsula.

As a kindergarten and grade one teacher for over 30 years, Andrew shared this love with his students.  Now retired from teaching, Andrew is excited to continue sharing play-based and inquiry-based learning in an outdoor setting. 

Andrew thoroughly enjoys working with the staff of Natural Pathways, who share the love of learning and teaching in these natural environments.

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Nick Baker began working with Natural Pathways Forest and Nature School in April of 2019 as part of a summer internship. In order to join Natural Pathways Forest and Nature School, Nick has ventured from his home province of Nova Scotia where he is a Master of Resource & Environmental Management Candidate in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University.


Although much of Nick’s early upbringing provided him with significant opportunities to engage in nature, he has also received qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and a Wildlife Technology Diploma which contribute to his philosophies regarding the value of outdoor education. In Nick’s free time he enjoys many outdoor recreational activities including hunting, fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing.




Stphanie Benninger attends the University of Windsor, studying Human Kinetics with a focus on movement science.  She has found her work with Natural Pathways to be enlightening.  

Stephanie loves to connect with children while teaching them about their natural surroundings.  Through volunteer experiences, work opportunities, and years of employment as a lifeguard, Stephanie has worked with children and individuals with disabilities, and has developed tools to connect with people of all ages and needs. 

Forest School has given Stephanie amazing opportunities to learn about herself and nature. She loves sharing Forest School with children and believes that the experiences children have in nature are important for developing strength, resourcesfulness, and risk-taking. 



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